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Veterans in Financial Markets
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Attention Veterans: Is a Career in Capital Markets Right for You?

The objective of the Veterans in Financial Markets (VFM) is to provide information that can assist veterans in determining if a career in the Securities Industry is a good choice and further helping them launch their careers by counseling and interview preparation. The focus is assisting veterans in mission readiness for financial markets careers that are the support functions (i.e., operations, market data, and technology) of investments banks, broker-dealers, exchanges, asset managers, industry solutions, regulators, and vendors.  

Through a series of webinar training sessions and interacting with subject matter experts, veterans will be exposed to the various functions within the capital markets space.

The no-cost program is available to veterans with an honorable discharge, those finishing up universities and others recently discharged.


For more information or discuss participation in the program. Please email info@veteransinfinancialmarkets.com

Phase 1: Education: Attend webinars providing foundational knowledge of the financial markets

Session 1: Introduction to capital markets (Basics)

Session 2: Exploring selected capital markets functions

Session 3: Market Data

Session 4: Securities Processing & Technology

Session 5: Summary and Way Forward Career Opportunities

Phase 2: Job Seeking Assistance: Receive available assistance as you progress toward a career

  • Interact with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Self-Study Guides to assist in understanding specific areas of interest
  • Seek a potential industry job with impactful resumes and mock interview preparation 


September 6, 2023: PRESS RELEASE

PRESS RELEASE Veterans in Financial Markets (VFM) Rebrands; adds Industry Expert, Maureen Sills



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